Christine Glover – Holistic Health Consultant, Registered Pharmacist and Homeopath

Mrs Glover regards illness as more than a set of observable physical symptoms and considers the way a person looks at life, their choices and their decisions.

She believes symptoms rarely occur in isolation but are usually linked to a person’s circumstances.

Illness occurs when there are imbalances in any of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their life.

Mrs Glover cuts through terminology and informs honestly and simply. She helps you to understand your problem, which enables you to manage it better. Her recommendations are dedicated to achieving and maintaining a more balanced lifestyle.

Phone : 07426 124231  or email Mrs Glover for more information
Opening Times: By appointment only

Customised Solutions
We can customise homeopathic remedies for your personal use. We have a variety of leather cases and boxes which we can supply them in.

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